Additional services

Additional services

A specialised team to manage production and construction sites

As a stone contractor, Ghirardi Marmi has a specialised management team for production, construction sites and orders for even the most complex stone projects.

The team, composed of supervisors, project officers and technicians who are experts in natural stones, deals with executive assessment, stone materials sourcing and manufacturing planning, as well as with delivery according to the project's needs manages the construction site, thus monitoring safety and the deadlines; it organises the on-site activities of technicians, installers and suppliers, whilst at the same time carrying out the bureaucratic, administrative and logistic procedures; it prepares the stones' technical data, samples, manages tests and the final quality controls.

Stone material mining services

In addition to stone contractor services, Ghirardi Marmi offers services for the extraction of stone materials, such as resource research and control, evaluation of the mining potential of the quarries, according to the required supply, direct collection of samples, laboratory tests according to the specific regulations and verification of compliance with standard requirements.

The company also performs geological analysis, mining operations and actions for optimising mining activities.